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What Are Your Fitness Goals?

About Luka Fitness

Serving Costa Mesa, Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, Irvine, Santa Ana, and surrounding areas of Orange County, CA, Luc Bondole is a NASM Certified personal trainer with additional certifications in TRX and kettlebells.

A professional athlete who has achieved success in Bellator MMA, one of the world’s top MMA promotions, Luc has helped numerous clients achieve their fitness goals, including weight loss, improvements in strength and conditioning, as well as honing their skills in boxing, kickboxing, MMA, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

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Specialized in:

  • Weight loss
  • Strength & conditioning
  • Functional training
  • Boxing & Muay Thai kickboxing
  • MMA & Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
  • Kettlebells & TRX

About Luc Bondole

Luc Bondole is a National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer, who also holds Certifications in Kettle Bell training and TRX suspension trainers.

His journey in fitness began during his service of 8 years in United States Army as a Physical Fitness Instructor. It wasn’t until Luc made the move from Maine to Southern California in 2010 that he started pursuing his passion for fitness and martial arts.

He turned to be a quick study under tutelage of Brady Fink, former WEC Lightweight Champion “Razor” Rob McCullough , and training partners the likes of UFC Middleweight Champion Michael Bisping. Within 1 year of training, Luc became an amateur Mixed Martial Arts fighter and the middleweight Champion of Knockout Promotions.

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Best workout ever! Every time without fail I get my butt kicked! I love it! I train with the incredible Luc Bondole. He has helped me not only achieve my fitness goals but has gone above and beyond to help me in continuing to improve. He challenges me in the best way! If you want a workout that will give you serious results then Luc is the trainer!
Monica Shirar, Newport Beach, CA
I have been training with Luc for a little over a year now, he has really helped me with my fitness goals. If you want a great personal trainer, train with Luc! He is educated, helpful, patient, and will kick your ass into great shape!
Mike Shrieve, Newport Beach, CA

I have been training with Luc for over 2 years and my body in my 40’s look better than I was in my 20’s. My first 9 months I went from a size 30 to a size 28. I have maintained to be a size 28 /27.  I have recommended him to my roommate which started off as a Christmas gift to get back in shape and now he trains with Luc regularly.  Luc is not only my trainer but now I am honored  to call him my friend. 
Thank you, Luc. You have inspired, motivated and supported me. I am truly blessed 


Jenise S., Costa Mesa, CA

I have always been athletic and loved to work out, so training with Luc couldn’t have been a better set up!  Luc is knowledgable, friendly, and kicks your (excuse my language) A$$ in shape!!  Finding a good trainer can be hard, but with Luc it was easy.  He brings a positive energy to every workout, helps to improve your form, and pushes you to your max.  I had previously done kickboxing (years and years ago!), but Luc helped me to improve form and strengthen my muscles even more.  I HIGHLY recommend him to anyone looking for a great workout!

Chloe W., San Fransisco, CA

I’ve been training with Luc for over a year now. He’s played an integral role in every aspect related to my health; physical appearance, developing healthier eating habits, and mental conditioning to push to the next level. This carried over into many aspects of life outside of the gym – I have severe allergies, went from going to ER 10-12 times a year, to not even once in the last year. Working out with him also helped me meet a lot of the people I now consider good friends, he attracts amazing people into his circle. Luc worked with me over time to find what exercise routine motivates me personally, and incorporated weight training to complement the cardio and endurance benefits of my kickboxing. I’ve also appreciated that he’s really observant of my posture, and great at interpreting the weird things I say to explain what parts of a technique I’m not quite getting.

Irina T., Newport Beach, CA

Luc is one of the best trainers I have ever trained with. I have been kickboxing for 6 years and trained with multiple trainers. Luc not only fixed my technique but also pushed me to get stronger and fight harder. He is so kind, caring and knowledgable. My whole family trains with him and we have a strong bond with Luc which in my opinion, is one of the best traits a trainer should have. My mother trains with him almost everyday and she is so strong and confident. Strongly recommend Luc!

Kate G, Newport Beach, CA

Whether you want to become a better fighter, learn how to defend yourself, or have no intention of ever fighting but want to reap the benefits of a boxing workout, Luk is your guy. He knows more about how to box than cardboard itself, and he uses all of that knowledge to make a workout that works best for you. Never had a better workout, and learned an insane amount about boxing from him. I dare you to attempt his ab workout

Chris T, San Fransisco, CA

Luc is an amazing instructor who is passionate and knowledgeable. Having been a pro fighter himself he knows what works and what not to do. Perfect instructor for getting fit or for serious athletes who want to take their game to the next level. One workout with him and you’ll be hooked.

Paul S., Los Angeles, CA

Luc is an awesone trainer and instructor.  I started his classes and some training back in 2013 and he got me in the best shape and pushed me to work harder and stronger! He is an aweome motivator! Luc definitely is knowledgeable and it’s  awesone to be trained by a great fighter!

Corrina G., Huntington Beach, CA

I have been boxing with Luc for some time now and I can’t say enough good things about him. Truly one of the best coaches out there. His contagious energy and motivation make it impossible for one not to see how much he loves what he does. I learn something new every time I train. The fact that he always finds ways to change up our workouts; whether it be footwork, distance control, blocking, different angle approaches, etc. makes it that much more engaging in the sense that nothing ever gets too repetitive or boring. One very important trait Luc possess is his commitment to genuinely want to improve whatever your goals are; always taking the time to break down a certain technique, form, or combo that was unclear or that I am simply having a hard time grasping. I also appreciate that he isn’t a drill sergeant yet still manages to always keep you on your A game, feeling inspired, and push you beyond your limits.

Vanessa C., Costa Mesa, CA

Luc is an amazing trainer! I owe a lot of my dedication and success to him! He is not only a great trainer but also a great coach with how to keep fit and what to do outside of his training sessions. He will push you to get the results that you are wanting. He is also extremely flexible with his schedule and will work around your needs to make sure you get what your after! I have been training with him for 2 years and there is no other trainer I would go to!

Mike S., Costa Mesa, CA

Luc is great!! I was an athlete in college and am always looking for ways to push myself! I had never done boxing or kickboxing and am fortunate to have a teacher as knowledgeable and PATIENT as Luc. Since starting several months ago, my kicks and punches have been getting better and stronger and my body itself has gained strength. It’s very empowering! Not only does he make you work hard, but he is also personable and fun to work out with!!

Alicia K, San Fransisco, CA

Luc is very knowledgeable and great at what he does! I’ve been training with him for years and he’s changed my health in many ways! I never used to be flexible or even be motivated to workout and has helped me loose that after having a baby weight! I love all the different styles he uses and he’s a great positive person to be around wouldn’t want to train with anyone else! Highly recommended!

Michelle A, Costa Mesa, CA

I attend classes (both cardio boxing and cardio kickboxing) and have private trainings with Luc weekly.  He makes training and classes tough, but fun.  Luc consistently pushes me to be better and constantly improve my form and technique.  I have been training with Luc for almost two years and he is consistently challenging and motivating!

Sharon F, Newport Beach, CA

I love this guy, I go 3 times a week and look forward to it each day. It’s a fun workout and he’s a  great teacher!

Alan T., Irvine, CA

I’ve only started with Luc for a couple of months. He is an amazing teacher that supports you and makes you strive to do better and get stronger. He motivates you while allowing you to work your way up to your fitness goals. He has made me stronger and has allowed myself to gain courage and confidence.

Izzy I., Newport Coast, CA